Whittlebury Hall – Heat and Ice: A relaxing shock to the system

I was determined to do it this time.
It couldn’t have been more than a 30 second shower, but the first time I had leapt out of the freezing water after less than five of those seconds.
Bracing myself as the shivers swept up and down my spine again, I gritted my teeth and battled on.
Invigorating was not quite the word.
It was, however, the one the marketing bods at Northamptonshire’s Whittlebury Hall had chosen for the Spa’s Heat and Ice Experience.
But somehow, as I squirmed my way into the last ten seconds of my own personal ice age, it didn’t cover it.
In the last half hour or so I had been drenched in sweat in a humid sauna, grimaced as not one, but two, buckets of ice cold water were poured over my head, been battered by the hydrotherapy pool and emerged frozen from an Ice Cave.
And I hadn’t even tried the Experience Showers yet.
Yet, for some bizarre reason, I felt fantastic; more relaxed than I had for weeks and eager to try the next treatment that would see my body temperature soar or drop to some new extreme.
The Heat and Ice Experience had boasted of ‘providing unique body sensations brought about by dramatic changes in temperature’.
Treatments including an aromatherapy crystal steam room, the Caldarium – a hot and steamy room taken straight out of ancient Rome, foot spas, the aforementioned hydrotherapy pool and ice cave, a slightly cooler but still sweaty Sanarium and a traditional sauna aim to stimulate circulation and help the body eliminate toxins through perspiration.
Whittlebury Hall is located just outside Silverstone Village, with its grounds even used by camping petrol heads when the Grand Prix hits the area.
The hotel and spa is based in pretty rural surrounds, and the building itself speaks of the promise of relaxation and rest.
And then that shower wakes you up again… invigorating might be about right after all.

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