Western Australia – Visiting the Valley of the Giants

The Valley of the Giants, based in the lost era of Gondwana.
The publicity around Western Australia’s Tree Top Walk has more than an air of Jurassic Park about it.
But thankfully this is a far gentler form of ecological marvel than that featured in Steven Spielberg’s classic movie.
That’s gentler in a 40 metre high stroll along a narrow bridge through the middle of 400-year-old trees kind of way.

Hanging out in the Valley of the Giants

Hanging out in the Valley of the Giants

Located west of Denmark and east of Walpole on the Southern Ocean Coast of Western Australia – a mere 400 kilometres away from the nearest city, Perth – the Valley of the Giants is home to the towering red tingle and karri trees that give it its name.
Red tingles can grow up to 24 metres round their base and 75 metres tall, with the karris also soaring up to 70 metres high.
The video below gives an idea just how tall these trees are compared to humans:

The tree top walk allows spectacular views over and through forests of these trees, with the walkway built to allow visitors to experience the forest without damaging the delicate root system of the trees.
It is based loosely on the theme of the lost era of Gondwana; that being the name of the supercontinent that split into the southern hemisphere when the original mass of Pangaea began to break up around 180 million years ago.

Valley of the Giants, Western Australia
The 400 year old trees around you in the Valley of the Giants may not be anywhere near that old, but they have a reverential and ancient feeling about them.
A sturdy permanence that will outlive any of their visitors – and even the words of the marketing men and women who give them such a spectacular introduction.

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