Wave Rock – A portrait even the rain can’t ruin

Western Australia hasn’t had any for five years. It’s in the middle of a farmer’s nightmare sized draught that has left the land crying out for water.
Over the past month the temperature in an area 800kms south of Perth has dipped to a mere 30 degrees.
Yet as I stand outside the Centurion Hotel at 6.40am, it is tipping down with rain.
By the time my coach pulls into our first toilet and food break at York, it is clear that the rain is set for the day.
I even buy an umbrella…
The next stop is the gigantic Wave Rock.

Starting out at the chasm that is Hippo’s Yawn, a cavernous hole in the rock face that looks exactly as it sounds, I walk for about a kilometre alongide a curved rock face that has been eroded over centuries to form a mini-wave effect and stained like a multi-coloured rainbow by water running down the rockface.
But this is just a prelude to the wow factor of Wave Rock itself. Turning the corner to face the rock you are struck by its size and just how closely it resembles a surfer’s paradise style wave.
Erosion is a painter of van Gough like skill and the rock’s ‘canvas’ is a series of reds, purples and blues stained on to the granite surface.
And it doesn’t even run in the rain.

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