Tokyo – Asakusa, where old and new Japan come together

In the area of Shitamachi (Low City) on the banks of the Sumida River the most beautiful temples can be located, including the most famous Sensō-ji.
This is where I found old and new Japan together in one place and was left lost for words with its beauty.

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2 Comments to Tokyo – Asakusa, where old and new Japan come together

  1. Pam says:

    One of our favorite channels to watch on television is the Japanese one – such gorgeous places to visit and friendly people to meet. Love the temples and gardens….this looks like a particularly beautiful area to visit. Perhaps one day we will visit in person instead of via television!


  2. Ian Rhodes says:

    It looks amazing, doesn’t it Pam? Very jealous of Michelle for doing this.
    Now Tokyo has the 2020 Olympics we are aiming to make that the focus of a return trip – see you there!

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