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Edinburgh – A marathon trip to Scotland

These days it seems most of my posts are about destinations I’ve visited to run a marathon in – and Edinburgh is no different.

Lisbon – Video: Taking the tram

One of the most popular ways to travel around Lisbon is on the tram.

Scotland – Highland beauty and Loch Ness: A picture gallery

There are few places on Earth that offer the peace, tranquility and sensational views of Loch Ness.

Blog – Self-indulgent, superficial, selfie. Ah, that’ll be me…

As a word alone it just annoys me. I have no problem with friends or sporting team mates adding a playful -ie or -o to the end of names: Craigie, Craigo. Fine.

Blog – My favourite travel stories of the week

Planes, trains and automobiles, climbing bridges and making science museums interesting.

Cologne – The journey to Germany

The journey, so they say, is the reward. While there is doubtless some truth in the ancient wisdom, I certainly hoping Cologne will have more to offer than simply a train ride and a Flybe flight.

Blog – All by myself, the other side of travel

Michelle and I have what we think is a very fair system to our travelling.

Blog – Ten faces from around the world

As often as not it is the people you see as much as the scenery that provide memories of a particular place.

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