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Blog – Ten animals from around the world

Travelling the world isn’t always about the sights you see or the people you meet – there are plenty of our animal friends out there to make any journey just a little bit more entertaining.

Fremantle – The sad day an aboriginal art shop was forced to close

Racists and idiots can be found the whole world over, and this sad fact proved true during a visit to Fremantle in the summer of 2008.

The Pinnacles – Life on Mars, just three hours outside Perth

Just three hours drive north of Perth and on the edge of the idyllic coastline that sits at the edge of the Indian Ocean, you can visit the Moon.

Perth – Monkeying around at the zoo

Sometimes it can be hard travelling around finding new and unique things to do. Every now and then it’s worth just falling into the nearest tourist trap and soaking up the commercial atmosphere.

Western Australia – Visiting the Valley of the Giants

The Valley of the Giants, based in the lost era of Gondwana. The publicity around Western Australia’s Tree Top Walk has more than an air of Jurassic Park about it.

Western Australia – A whistlestop tour of the ‘other side’ of Oz

Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Glorious beaches, welcoming people and a huge, great rock in the middle.

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