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New York – Emulating Red Barclay at Carnegie Deli

There is an episode of the Simpsons where Homer challenges trucker Red Barclay to a meat eating contest.

New York – Picturing Times Square

New York’s Times Square is a neon illuminated, commerce inspired self-advertisement.

New York – Taking ‘time out’ at the basketball

Warning: If you are a fan of basketball or American sport in general you may wish to approach this post with caution.

New York – Walking the Big Apple

You know when your iPhone shows you’ve walked 27.14 km (16 miles) in a day that your aching feet aren’t an accident.

New York – The 9/11 memorial

Day one in New York and our hotel is based at the World Trade Centre, right next door to the 9/11 memorial.

Blog – Ten faces from around the world

As often as not it is the people you see as much as the scenery that provide memories of a particular place.

Blog – My favourite travel stories of the week

Happy Easter everyone – and welcome through another quick walk through my favourite blog posts and travel articles of the last week.

New York – A photographic bite out of The Big Apple

New York, New York – so good you need twice as long as you planned.

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