St Lucia – Zip wires and tropical squalls

The rain cascaded down upon me like a waterfall where moments before there had been sunlight.
Caught at the top of some of the highest trees in the rainforest of St Lucia there was little room for shelter and little choice but to stand and get drenched.
Just yards away the cable car set to take us to the bottom stood empty and shut up, deemed too dangerous to enter as the wind picked up.
Zip wire in St LuciaTwo minutes into its descent towards the ground it would have been sheltered by enough branches to ward off the tropical squall.
Moments before I had been whizzing down zip wires, basking in 30 degree heat and enjoying the thrill of Rainforest Adventures St Lucia, based in the highland community of Chassin in Dauphin.
Strung between the tree tops, the zip wires looked worryingly precarious and the distance to the ground unsurvivably far.
But, somehow, with each hair raising flight I took it all became that much less nerve wracking.
The exhilaration of flying through the trees was still there, but by the third or fourth flight my eyes were open and the fear of crashing into the tree at the other end slowly dissipating.Cable car in St Lucia
St Lucia is a beautiful island, and seeing it from the very top of the rainforest is magnificent.
Viewing it through the pouring rain is an altogether different experience, though it reminds one more of a strong, warm shower rather than the freezing, sapping drizzle of home.
And in the main, as in this case, it is a fleeting visitor.
The summer shower is gone almost as quickly as it arrived, and before long I am on board the cable car enjoying panoramic views of the rainforest and the warming glare of the sun.
By halfway through the 15 minute descent, I am bone dry again.
Such is the persistence of the heat I almost find myself hoping for another sharp shower…

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