St Lucia – Soufriere offers a drive-through with a difference

I’ll have burger, fries and a milkshake please.
I’m sorry, you’ve got me wrong. The Sulpur Springs aren’t that kind of drive-through.
And if they were the only ‘food’ you’d be likely to get a whiff of would be rotten eggs.
All of which is a very long-winded way of saying that Soufriere Volcano – known locally in St Lucia as the Sulphur Springs – is considered the only drive-in volcano in the world.
That’s because the road runs right up to and even through the crater of the volcano. This is despite the fact it is still emitting steam and boiling mud and water bubbling away just a few meters from you.

Soufreire Volcano, St Lucia

Soufreire Volcano, St Lucia

Despite this very obvious bubbling, the volcano is considered to be dormant and it last erupted in the late 18th century.
Standing behind what isn’t the sturdiest of fences, there is little protection should the volcanologists have made a horrible mistake. Indeed, the fence was only erected as a warning to people not to walk across the crater of a volcano – after a guide fell in a pool of boiling water while jumping up and down on the crust.
Amazingly, he was rescued as the pool was only waist deep; although he did suffer severe burns.
But there is no getting away from the gut churning stench of rotting eggs, the result of the sulphur that gives the area its local name.
Despite the smell, the inspiring feeling of standing in a volcano is hard to beat.
Just make sure you drive-through holding your nose – a bit like most takeaways really.

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