Singapore – The perfect tourist spot for everyone

In this vibrant little world of ours, there is no dearth of good traveling spots.
There are many different types of traveling destinations offering a different form of entertainment from the rest.
Though there are plenty of places offering a different kind of adventure and entertainment, not every place can appeal to every one.
This can make it quite difficult to choose a travel destination when you’re traveling in large groups or with your family. I have faced this dilemma several times in my life.
After some really bad experiences, we finally found the perfect travel destination that satisfies just each and every one.
The perfect travel destination for us was definitely Singapore. It offers you a generous dose of entertainment, adventure, great food, shopping and everything you could ask for.
We left for Singapore a year back and nostalgia hits every time I talk about my unforgettable trip to this beautiful country.
I’ve tried to sum up the best aspects of our trip below:

The best places to visit

Singapore has something for almost everyone. We had kids, teenagers, adults and my venerable parents traveling with us.
Singapore and its fantastic travel spots did complete justice to their expectations and desires.
Some of the best tourist spots in Singapore include:

· Sentosa Islands: This is Singapore’s most popular island where you can find some of the best amusement parks, water theme parks, old forts, a replica of the old Mayan City and what not.
My kids particularly loved the Underwater Aquarium, and it captivated us just as much as it excited them. It was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life, as we walked besides unique marine and freshwater species.
The Universal Studio is another exciting aspect of Singapore that is much loved by everyone.

· The Esplanade: This is a place meant for art-lovers. The Esplanade is a complete art-hub and they’ve been organizing and hosting music and art events regularly here.
Seeing some of the most beautiful art pieces that depict Singapore’s art and culture was a thrilling experience that enthralled each one of us.

· Scintillating Night safari: We also enjoyed roaming in the Singapore rainforests, which were full of wild beasts. There were no cages or bars to block our view and we had quite a lot of fun having a closer and relaxed look at leopards, Malayan tigers and other such creatures.

The Singapore Flyer· Singapore Flyer: This was indeed the best part of Singapore and each one of us thoroughly enjoyed the ride of a lifetime on this Flyer.
We enjoyed this exciting voyage that helped us view the whole of Singapore and we were mesmerised by the stunning sights we witnessed.

We also visited many other spots such as the Jurong Bird Park, the Singapore Grand Prix, the Marina Bays Sands Hotel and had fun kayaking at Pasir Ris Park. Along with these lovely sights, we had a chance to treat our taste buds to some of the most exotic dishes in Singapore.

Singapore’s food: Decipher the taste

Singapore’s multi-faceted culture is its best aspect that endears you more and more to this friendly little country.
You can find a generous dose of this vibrancy and friendliness in Singaporean cuisine as well. It has a strong hint of Malay, Indian, Chinese and Indonesian cuisine.
Some of the best food picks we had a chance to try out were:

· Chicken rice: You can find this delightful dish at most hawker centers in Singapore. We also tried the White chicken version of this dish and it was truly sumptuous.

Ayam Buah Keluak· Ayam buah Keluak: Singapore also has a part of the Nyonya cuisine and you can feel its richness in this lovely dish. This delightfully delicious stewed chicken was served with black buah keluak nuts that had a completely different feel to it.

· Sambar dosa: You can find plenty of Indian vegetarian dishes here in Singapore. Most hawker centers serve Sambar dosa and Roti Prata that are served and prepared by some of the best chefs.

· Chilli crabs: You can find this wonderful dish prepared with Sri Lankan crustaceans in thick gravy. It has a sweet and spicy touch to it that makes it all the more delicious.

The delicious Singaporean food and the beautiful places do complete justice to the money you spend on your travel tickets and the Singapore Holiday Pass or Visa. Along with these delightful things, you can also enjoy a satisfying shopping spree.
Shopping at the Orchard Road in Singapore is a wonderful experience. We enjoyed it even more because of the ongoing Grand Singapore sale. We were lucky to have found some of the branded and expensive items at unbelievably low prices.
Though the place was quite crowded and it was quite hot, I think the effort was truly worth it.

> Main picture: The Singapore skyline. By Raul Heinrich (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

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