Northants – Althorp House: A picture gallery

The ancestral home of the Spencer family is set in acres of greenery, with Althorp House itself an imposing sight.
The beautiful Round Oval, the final resting place of Princess Diana, is a relaxing and peaceful oasis at the heart of Althorp; while the Stables, hosting a cafe and the understandably popular Diana Collection, are impressively large.
Add in the very English joy of cream teas overlooking the grounds and you can’t go far wrong.
The House itself is an open invite for photographers, although for obvious reasons pictures of the Spencers impressive collection of portraits are not allowed.
This picture gallery will hopefully display some of the stately prowess of Althorp House.

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5 Comments to Northants – Althorp House: A picture gallery

  1. Pam says:

    Lovely photos! Just saw a PBS special on Northants a week or two ago. Very interesting and beautiful place. Diana’s brother was a great “host”. Looks to be a really wonderful place to visit and have a grand cream tea experience!


  2. I remember the first time I saw Diana’s wedding dress “live”, that thing is horrible.
    It looks like an overworked shroud to me, but if they give me to so I can sell it I’d be happy.
    As for the place and the gardens, they are too nice and too well kept, good to know taxes go somewhere.
    Now I realize that this comments is very negative, but it isn’t.
    Loved the pics.

    • Ian Rhodes says:

      Ha, ha; love this comment Leo.
      Have to say the dress was much loved by the audience at Althorp! But I can’t claim to be a wedding dress expert – you would make a fortune out of it though…
      I would hope the Spencer family are paying for the upkeep of the place (or at least paying visitors are!). They’re not quite Royal enough to get us to pay for it all upfront!

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