New Zealand – Riding the Wilkin River Jet

CJ flashed around the turns as if the boat was a salmon.
The man was clearly insane, barking out who knew what at us as he straightened up and headed directly for a floating tree at around 100kph.
Skidding wildly away at the last second the boat skipped across the water, spraying its unfortunate crew with the lake’s clear water.
The introduction to the 45 minute boat trip had made it sound like a gently skull though the countryside. Now, as operator CJ pulled furiously away from another encroaching bank, it seemed more like a scene from James Bond.
Green fields, snow capped mountains, sparkling water and the obligatory Kiwi ‘treescape’ hurtled by on either side.
Exhilarating was definitely the word. The trip was a wind tunnel, adrenaline trial that took us eight hours walking distance from our start point.
Fortunately, CJ gave us a lift back. Just…

> The Wilkin River Jet is based in Makarora on New Zealand’s south island

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