New York – Emulating Red Barclay at Carnegie Deli

There is an episode of the Simpsons where Homer challenges trucker Red Barclay to a meat eating contest.
Champion eater Barclay devours a 16-pound steak before his opponent, but promptly dies of “beef poisoning”.
It is a fate I half expected to emulate when faced with a triple-decker sandwich of fearsome proportions.

Carnegie Deli

Carnegie Deli

Food of epic proportions is so often the American way, but they take it to another level at New York’s Carnegie Deli.
The Midtown Manhattan eatery is famed throughout the world for its magnificent sandwiches and celebrity clientele.
Opened in 1937, close to Carnegie Hall, the deli became a haunt for celebrities including Woody Allen.
These days the walls of the diner are covered in photographs of the rich and famous during their visits to this pastrami palace. The celebrated sandwiches have at least one pound of meat in them and the restaurants motto is “If you can finish your meal, we’ve done something wrong”.

Carnegie Deli

Carnegie Deli

Carnegie Deli

And so I found myself confronted by the “Carnegie Haul”; pastrami, tongue and salami piled up into three layers of meaty goodness. Two sandwiches worth.
It was a mighty meal. And, indeed, despite the moral support of Bill Clinton looking over my shoulder, Carnegie Deli was good to its promise.
Luckily “doggie bags” are a must with every meal and the sandwich, my full stomach and I left to fight another day.
If only Red Barclay had done the same.

4 Comments to New York – Emulating Red Barclay at Carnegie Deli

  1. Bravo……Carnegie Deli is a “must see” in NYC and if you can get back out through the door after eating a meal there, you obviously didn’t finish your sandwich. It’s the meal that keeps on giving (!).


  2. That would be the perfect place for Easy… but I’m afraid even he would need a doggie bag :o)

  3. I think even every one in trout towne would have a time of it there !!! ♥ they might want …..kitty….. bags though upon leaving !!

  4. I settled for bacon and eggs as the sandwiches were too much 🙂

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