London – Tea at the Ritz

Sandwiches cut into rectangles, scones with clotted cream and jam, a display of the most delightfully put together and presented cakes you could ever wish to find.
It could only be Tea at The Ritz.
London – if not the world’s – most famous hotel is an experience which everyone should try at least once.
Admitedly £45 and upwards may seem a lot for a few cakes and some tea – but this is The Ritz.
A member of the prestigious Tea Guild, The Ritz offers a wide selection of teas and I was somewhat ashamed to order the English Tea, only for the waiter to say ‘one house tea’ as if I had ordered the most common plonk on the menu when Chateauneuf de Pape was on offer.
The best thing about The Ritz experience is the elegant and splendid interior, and the submissive waiter service which comes from altogether another era.
Visitors certainly feel important, making this an ideal location for a birthday or Christmas treat.

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