Japan – Visiting a Tokyo cat cafe

There is nothing better than popping into a quaint cafe after work, ordering a piping hot cuppa and settling down with your favourite moggie.
You what? Yes, that’s right. While cafes in England might offer that sticky bun you’ve been craving all day, the good people of Tokyo would rather settle down with a cat.
Cat cafes are all the rage in Japan and Tokyo has several.
The idea is to relax with something to eat and some much needed feline company after a hard day in the city.
Cafe Calaugh, TokyoTokyo is a busy place with 39 million residents located within its metropolitan area.
Many of these live in flats and apartments which do not allow or are too small for pets.
Cat cafes fill this gap, offering people the chance to meet a furry friend over a cup of coffee.
I visited the Calaugh Cafe in the Tokyo Thunder Gate Building, a smart little cafe where most of the sofas, chairs and shelves were filled with slumbering kitties.
Unfortunately for me, the sleeping beasts had just been fed and were catching up on such much needed kip.
Japanese cat cafes feature strict rules to insure cleanliness and animal welfare, in particular seeking to ensure the cats are not disturbed by excessive and unwanted attention, such as by young children or when sleeping.
Because of this customers are not allowed to hold the cats, just to gently pet them.
They can play with the animals, pet them and give them some food.
Many cat cafes also seek to raise awareness of cat welfare issues, such as abandoned and stray cats.
Each cat at the cafe even has its own profile, so you know who you meeting.

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2 Comments to Japan – Visiting a Tokyo cat cafe

  1. Pam says:

    I just think cat cafes are such a wonderful idea – and for those who are traveling and missing their OWN cats (meow) at home, this is the perfect chance to enjoy feline company while on the move. Not QUITE the same as home sweet home but close. It’s great too that the cafes are serving a purpose in addition to serving food and drink – they’re giving some cats a nice safe place to live…..it’s a WIN/WIN!


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