Japan – How Tokyo’s men are ‘Parasite Singles’

Parasite singles and wives who empty bank accounts hours after their husbands have been paid.
I travelled to Tokyo to find a technologically advanced, fantastically clean and incredibly busy city, as well as to explore soon to be heritage sites like Mount Fuji.
But what I also found some interesting gender and cultural issues.
Thirty per cent of women over the age of 30 in Tokyo are single.

Girls on top: Japanese wives empty their husbands bank accounts hours after they've been paid

Girls on top: Japanese wives empty their husbands bank accounts hours after they’ve been paid

But it the men who really seem to like to stay on their own. Fifty per cent of men are single, preferring to concentrate on good jobs and interesting hobbies rather than settling down.
Many of them also still live with their parents, so all their wages remain their own.
In Japan, these plus-30 singles are known as ‘Parasite Singles’.
And I think I may have discovered why…
Married men in Tokyo get their wages paid into the bank on the 25th of each month.
By 10am on this day the bank is full of their wives, who withdraw the whole lot as they are boss of finances at home.
Each wife gives their hubby an allowance for the month (on average 3,500 yen, which is £200).
Men are only their own boss until they get married… no wonder so many chose to stay single.

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  1. Pam says:

    Interesting…..I’d not heard about this side of Japanese culture – rather interesting and still surprising at the same time.


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