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Edinburgh – A marathon trip to Scotland

These days it seems most of my posts are about destinations I’ve visited to run a marathon in – and Edinburgh is no different.

Blog – Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

We’ve been away. Yes, I guess that’s the point of a travel blog.

Waiting for Matthew: In the crosshairs of a hurricane

Recently I listened to a BBC report from John Sweeney on the horrendous situation in Syria.

Blog – Why does it always rain on me?

The title of this post may not be entirely true, but everyone who has travelled the world will know that sometimes it will rain on you.

Las Vegas – Visiting Red Rock Canyon

Most tourists – sensibly and due to the incredible attraction of the place – head off to see the Grand Canyon as a day trip when staying in Vegas.

Las Vegas – The stuff of Legends

After four busy days in America’s playground it is time to move on.

Las Vegas – Living the high life

One of the newer attractions to greet visitors to Las Vegas is the 550-foot tall High Roller ferris wheel.

London – The London Bridge Experience and Tombs

Perhaps it is because there is just too much history associated with London Bridge that organisers didn’t know what to keep in and what to leave out – and ended up throwing out the baby with the Thames water.

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