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Uluru/Ayers Rock – Built by boys or aliens?

It has been said hundreds, if not thousands, of times and has become as clichéd as shrimps on a barbie. But it is true.

Sydney – What you might not know about The Harbour Bridge

It is one of the most famous and regularly visited bridges in the world – so the Sydney Harbour Bridge can’t really have that many secrets can it?

Western Australia – Touring the beaches and peaks of Esperance

Beautiful white sand beaches, exhilarating blow holes, steep peaks and windy walks, rocks that look like elephants and incredibly tall trees. Welcome to Western Australia.

Fremantle – The sad day an aboriginal art shop was forced to close

Racists and idiots can be found the whole world over, and this sad fact proved true during a visit to Fremantle in the summer of 2008.

The Pinnacles – Life on Mars, just three hours outside Perth

Just three hours drive north of Perth and on the edge of the idyllic coastline that sits at the edge of the Indian Ocean, you can visit the Moon.

Sydney – What you might not know about the Opera House

Been to Australia. Watched the New Year’s Eve fireworks on the TV. Seen any travel programme about Australia?

Sydney – The Opera House and Harbour Bridge in pictures

There are few more iconic sights in the world than Sydney Harbour’s Circular Quay, complete with its famous bridge and Opera House.

Sydney – A photographic snapshot

The site of the first British colony in Australia, the city of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, a sporting mecca and the home of some of the most spectacular beaches and parks in the world.

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