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Edinburgh – A marathon trip to Scotland

These days it seems most of my posts are about destinations I’ve visited to run a marathon in – and Edinburgh is no different.

Scotland – Highland beauty and Loch Ness: A picture gallery

There are few places on Earth that offer the peace, tranquility and sensational views of Loch Ness.

Edinburgh – What you might not know about Edinburgh Castle

Ask most people and they’ll know Edinburgh Castle was home to Mary Queen of Scots and the Stone of Destiny. They may even know it was the birthplace of King James VI.

Scotland – Falls of Foyers’ bursting torrents flow

Known in Gaelic as the smokey waterfall, the Falls of Foyers is the epitome of beauty in the Scottish Highlands.

Scone – The birthplace of monarchs

MacBeth and Robert the Bruce were crowned there. The former would have taken the title of King of Scotland while seated upon the famous Stone of Scone.

Scotland – Highland beauty round every corner

Sometimes the best things about road trips are the unexpected sights lurking around the next corner. Like when you’re zipping along the A9 between Stirling and Inverness.

Stirling Castle – History, and footballs, found in every rafter

What better time to try to conquer Stirling Castle than on a wet and blustery day. Set atop Castle Hill and surrounded by steep cliffs on three sides, this is one of Scotland’s strongest fortifications.

Edinburgh Castle – The jewel at the heart of Edinburgh

Home to Mary Queen of Scots, the Stone of Destiny and the birthplace of King James VI. Edinburgh Castle not only dominates the city it takes its name from, its roots spread out across British history.

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