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Venice – The meaning of masks

From the bleak and macabre Medico Della Peste to the revered Gatto, every mask seen in Venice has a deeper meaning.

Pisa – Maritime leaning of ancient city

Based at the mouth of the River Arno, Pisa is best known for its leaning tower. But this city of more than 88,000 residents has far more to offer, containing more than 20 other historic churches and several palaces.

Venice – St Mark’s Square is as expensive as it is glorious

Heralded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice is famous for its canals, gondolas and inspiring architecture.

Verona – How the Amphitheatre of Capua went from gladiators to opera

Visitors may not wear sandals and togas anymore, but they still flock to visit Verona’s spectacular Amphitheatre of Capua.

Verona – Wherefore art thou Casa di Giulietta?

If it weren’t for the crowds of people struggling to find their way inside and pledge their love to each other you might never find it.

Verona – The city of Romeo and Juliet in pictures

We lay our scene, rather like William Shakespeare, in fair Verona. The city that hosts what is perhaps the Bard’s most famous play, Romeo and Juliet, has far more to offer than simply Juliet’s House and balcony – must see though they are.

Italy – Not everything in Pisa is at an angle

Mention Pisa and most people instantly think leaning tower. But the city’s campanile – free standing bell tower – is far from the only building worth seeing there.

Blog – Where in the World? The answer

Yesterday’s Where in the World? came from a rain-soaked Florence. Naked Eye Travel had the misfortune to visit the Italian city on a day when the wet stuff ruled the usually sunny city.

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