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Lake Ashi – Volcanoes, mountains, paddy fields… and cats

Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park covers 1,227 square kilometres, so it’s going to be very hard to see the whole or even most of it.

Japan – Videoing Mount Fuji’s rise to World Heritage status

Sometimes when travelling you can be lucky enough to witness a little bit of history happening.

Tokyo – Asakusa, where old and new Japan come together

In the area of Shitamachi (Low City) on the banks of the Sumida River the most beautiful temples can be located, including the most famous Sensō-ji.

Tokyo Bay – A surprise encounter with Lady Liberty

As I headed round the bend I had to do a double take. Suddenly I wondered if I had turned a corner into New York. From nowhere, standing in front of me, was the Statue of Liberty.

Japan – How Tokyo’s men are ‘Parasite Singles’

Parasite singles and wives who empty bank accounts hours after their husbands have been paid.

Japan – Visiting a Tokyo cat cafe

There is nothing better than popping into a quaint cafe after work, ordering a piping hot cuppa and settling down with your favourite moggie.

Japan – Exploring the Hakone Komagatake Ropeway

Opened in 1963, the Hakone Komagatake Ropeway is famous for its dazzling views over Mount Fuji, Ashinoko Lake, the mountains of Izu Peninsula and Izu islands.

Japan – Mount Fuji to be World Heritage Site

What a day to visit Mount Fuji. Today, it was decided that the 3,776 metre (12,460 feet) mountain would almost certainly become a Unesco World Heritage site.

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