Cairns – Bungy jumping with Lillee and Thommo (sort of)

The rugged looking Australian to my left cast a derisory eye over me.
Doubtless fresh from a bout of crocodile wrestling that very morning, he turned to his mate to my right and said: “That’s a nice watch he’s got, if this goes wrong do you want it or shall I have it?”
And so I found myself caught between these fair dinkum stereotypes, balanced on the edge of a platform 50 metres above a small pond of water with a piece of elastic tied round me.
Yes, it was time for my first – and so far only – bungy jump.
Butterflies swirling around my stomach, I did what any true Englishman would do: jutted out my jaw, adjusted my stiff upper lip and staring down Lillee and Thomson, went out to bat.
Or in my case fling myself off the platform towards what every nerve in my body was telling me was almost certain death.
Under these circumstances, traditional tells you that your life should flash before your eyes, but in my case it was Cairns.
That’s because the AJ Hackett Cairns bungy jump is the highest viewing platform in the Queensland-based city.
The only problem was I spent most of the time I bounced up and down like some inverted Tigger seeing the surrounding landscape upside down.
Eventually, heart pounding, body shaking, the ride came to an end. Once finished, ‘jumpers’ have to haul themselves onto a small dinghy – an act which took up all of my remaining energy.
Thankfully, my brother was on hand with a pint of something cold and alcoholic.
My stereotyping brain wasn’t able to compute if it was Foster’s…

Cairns bungy facts, as per the AJ Hackett Cairns bungy jump website:

  • AJ Hackett’s favourite site in the world for hanging out, having fun, meeting locals and getting a real Bungy experience
  • The one and only Bungy Jump in Australia
  • Only site in the world that offers all day jump packages
  • Bar on site
  • Established: September 1990
  • Height: 50m/164ft
  • World only 16 Style Jump Menu
  • World only site that offers a BMX jump off the Tower roof
  • 196 stairs to the top
  • Cairns highest viewing platform

> Pictured: Cairns bungy jump. Produced under Wikimedia Commons.

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