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Everyone has their own unique travel experiences and way of seeing the world.
Whether you are zoning out on the beach, trekking the Himalayas or scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, every experience is just as valuable.
And many of these trips have their own story – or reason – behind them: a special occasion, the trip of a lifetime, a year out or even a work trip.
At Naked Eye Travel, we’d like to hear about your quirky, exciting or interesting trips – and the reasons behind them.Your Travels
The best stories will be included on this website in our new ‘Your Travels’ section.
There are two ways to take part in ‘Your Travels’.
Firstly, if you fancy yourself as a travel blogger feel free to submit your blog post to
Secondly, you can answer our travel questions and be included that way.
We’ve drawn up a list of seven simple questions as a guide, but don’t worry if you feel the need to go off script to answer them.
Once you’ve answered them send us an email to, along with a picture of yourself or where you’ve been.
Look forward to hearing from you…

1/ What’s your name(s) and where are you from?
2/ Where have you travelled to, how long are you/have you been away for and what is the reason for your travels?
3/ What was your favourite place you have been to, and why?
4/ What made you choose your destination(s)?
5/ Have you had any close shaves on your travels? What is he most bizarre situation/place you have ended up in?
6/ If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
7/ Where next for you?

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