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This week’s picture was taken in King’s Park in Perth, Australia.
Congratulations if you got it right – Where in the World? will be back next Thursday.
Kings Park is the world’s largest inner city park, beating off rivals like Stanley Park, Hyde Park and even New York’s Central Park.
It was full of young, tanned and athletic looking Australian youth who have clearly enjoyed the benefit of growing up in a city where it’s not dark at 6pm.
The Park includes a fantastic botantic garden, spanned by a thin looking, but actually 100 per cent sturdy bridge, which gives spectacular views of the harbour and city.
It also contains the two strand design of the DNA tower, which boasts 101 steps and more picturesque views.
Perth itself is the heartbeat of Western Australia, a much underestimated region of this mammoth country that people often overlook in favour of Melbourne, Sydney and the famous east coast and red centre.
Naked Eye Travel took ‘A whistlestop tour of the ‘other side’ of Oz‘.

King's Park, Perth

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