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The joys of dorm rooms can be myriad.
The easiest way to meet new people, the chance to garner fresh ideas on the best places to visit and the general camaraderie of hostel life.
But earlier this week a Tweet from travel guru, Nomadic Matt (aka @nomadicmatt) reminded me that there can be as many ups and downs when bunking down for the night.

Poor Matt later added:

It reminded me of a few horror shows I have suffered myself on my travels.
One hostel snorer was so loud I was forced to abandon an otherwise comfortable room to grab 40 winks under the computer table in the corridor of a hostel in Sydney, Australia.
On another occasion a ‘gentleman’ in one of the other bunks managed to surpass the volume of his snores with the intensity of the farts which followed.
Every time he breathed in he would snort like a warthog, followed by a huge fart as he breathed out.
There is only one thing to match a powerful snorer’s ability to keep you awake – the activities of an overly amorous couple.
Sex in dorm rooms is surprisingly common.
More than once I have had my sleep disturbed by a live sex show in the bunk above.
One couple I remember were entirely oblivious to the fact the rest of their room were conducting a loud, drunken conversation about their activities, complete with numerous guffaws.
The temptation is clap at the end was hard to resist.
But at least Matt had a happy ending. On returning to his room he found the snorer had left leaving him safe to settle down for a good night’s sleep.

> Do you have a insomnia inducing tale of dorm room life? If so I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

>> Pictured: Sydney – beautiful city, snoring sensations

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