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Heard the one about Adolf Hitler, the Thai bar girls and the 24 hour bus journey?
Feel free to make up your own answers, but in the meantime here are my favourite travel blog posts from the last week.

Hitler’s Bunker – Not So Monumental These Days!

The Travel Tart reveals how Hitler’s Bunker isn’t the most sensational historical monument. Instead, it is now completely filled in and the site is a car park.
The post also includes this rather wonderful Downfall meme revealing how Hitler would have reacted if he’d know his bunker was going to be transformed into a car park.

Five reasons to travel to Normandy France

On Thursday, Travelling Ted looked back on his visit to Normandy 20 years ago to see the 49th anniversary of D-Day ceremonies at Pointe De Hoc and Omaha Beach.
On the day of the 69th anniversary he explored five reasons why everyone should travel to Normandy.

The Ugly Truth About Travelling

In this post the brilliant Backpacking Spirit Blog looks into how backpacking isn’t all a bed of roses.
The introductory paragraph gives you a good idea where this post is going, but it’s worth reading in full: Can you put up with your guest house crawling with cockroaches? Being ripped off five times in one day? Twenty four hour journeys on cramped rickety old buses? If the answer is no, then backpacking isn’t for you.

A Ladyboy, a Bar Girl and a Ferang walk into a bar

Quite aside from the ‘I dare you not to read me’ headline, this is a great piece from the Karis Abroad blog.
It switches from painting a vivid picture of the scene in Pattaya in Thailand, to beautifully humanising the bar girls who work there.

> Pictured: Huaca Pucllana in Lima. For no other reason than I like this photograph…

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  1. I am honored to have been mentioned in the posts of the week. Thanks for the mention. D-Day seems to be forgotten more and more as time goes by and more veterans pass away, so I appreciate any attention this important event gets.

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