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A little bit of a change from the norm this week, as I want to concentrate not on a series of blog posts but on a single blog – but then again how often do you get to view the progress of a dancing bear across Europe.
The ‘bear’ in question is the beyond entertaining Stuart McCarthy, who is currently in the midst of cycling 5,000km from Turkey to the UK.
The proceeds from this epic ride will go to two charities: Kids Company and an American educational charity called Blue Engine.
Aside from the fact he is posting daily blog updates on his trip on the ‘Stu’s epic journey home’ blog, and has already raised a stack load of cash for charity, the main reason to visit the blog is that Stuart is not just any old cycle rider.
He is a dance maestro like nothing you have seen before. He is Usher, Michael Flatley, Fred Astaire and Gangnam Style’s Psy all rolled into one.
At regular points of his trip, he is abandoning the bike to waltz, jig and generally strut his stuff to an array of songs selected by readers of the blog.
Not only are these visual performances; the vocals are all Stuart’s as well.
Among the artists slaughtered immortalised so far are Whitney Houston, Elaine Paige, Madonna, Neil Diamond, Peter Crouch, Michael Jackson, Rick Astley and John Travolta.
This is much more than a blog. This is a tour de force. Go and have a look.

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