Blog – My favourite travel stories of the week

Each of the blog posts I mention this week stunned me in their own way – visually, with respect and even in horror.

A Borderless World

The ‘Another Something’ blog talks about the awe-inspiring ‘A Borderless World‘ project.
Broadly, it consists of four Italians, a Land Rover and 33,000 kilometres of travel from Italy to the Middle East, to Central Asia, South-East Asia, Eastern Europe and back to Italy.
Their intention is to ‘progress mutual understanding worldwide’ – although while they are at it they take some pretty incredible photography.

Victoria Falls, I Presume? Adventures in the Footsteps of Livingstone

This article by Traveller magazine deputy editor, Duncan Mills, features on the Bald Hiker website. It captured me with its stunning images of Victoria Falls.
Mills quotes Livingstone saying: “On sights as beautiful as this, angels in their flight must have gazed” – the pictures alone took my breath away.

Three Years After the BP Oil Spill, Life in the Gulf of Mexico is Dying, Mutating and is Toxic to Your Health

The cultureist blogs on a recent article in Take Park looking into the continuing effects of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico; and in particular on chemical dispersant, Corexit.
For nature lovers this will make hard reading, but its the kind of journalism that should get far more mainstream notice.
The full article, by David Kirkby, can be seen on the Take Park website.

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