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Been there, got the t-shirt… the catchphrase is a reality for blogger, Andrew Allen.
The Kiwi, who writes The Antipodean, caught my eye this week with a post on his bucket list – which he has rather cleverly turned into a series of attractive looking tees.

One of Andrew Allen's striking bucket list t-shirts

One of Andrew Allen’s striking bucket list t-shirts

The idea is simple: design the t-shirt around a bucket list idea and then tick it off once there.
Good luck to Andrew ticking those trips of his list. He’ll have a great time – and some great t-shirts – if he’s successful.
These travel related tales also caught my eye this week:

‘Sexually explicit’ in-flight film causes plane diversion

The ridiculous story of the week came from America, where a United Airline service scheduled to travel from Denver to Baltimore was diverted to Chicago because one parent caused such a stir about the in-flight film he provoked ‘security concerns’.
Apparently the family complained about movie, ‘Alex Cross’, a ’15’ rated flick that had the father in question covering his children’s delicate eyes.
Fair enough, a four-year-old shouldn’t be put in a situation where they have to watch adult material – but, seriously, forcing the plane to divert…
I’d have been pretty upset if I was a fellow passenger.

Tourism in Java’s Land of Ghosts

A thought-provoking New York Times piece on ‘disaster tourism’ on Mount Merapi near Yogyakarta, in central Java, Indonesia.
Some of the sights seem pretty ghoulish considering the volcano only erupted in 2010 – ‘The arms of her analog clock, still on the wall, mark the time of the biggest blast: 12.05am and 42 seconds. She offered to take a photograph of my wife and me standing in front of it’ – but there is no doubt the community has come together to turn tourist interest to their advantage.
For me, the incredible survival instincts and generosity of the local population shine through.

> Pictured: Hong Kong is on my bucket list

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