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Happy Easter everyone – and welcome through another quick walk through my favourite blog posts and travel articles of the last week.
If you have a favourite posts you think the world needs to see be sure to use the comments section to let everyone know about it…

Spectacular South Africa wildlife photos

One of the travel experiences I would really like to have – and haven’t as yet – is an African Safari.
The pictures in this blog post by Canada’s Adventure Couple remind me why.

Do we travel to escape reality?

Escape from the real world, a voyage of discovery or something in between?
Different people have different reasons why they love to travel – this post explores why we do so.
I particularly liked the conclusion: ‘We don’t have to follow the rules of society like a bunch of numb robots, doing everything society tells us to do even though we haven’t seen much good coming out of it’.

Sunset in Reykjavik, Iceland

I couldn’t agree more with the author of this post, Marcello Arrambide.
The picture is superb in its simplicity.

Is this the biggest chocolate Easter Egg in New York?

Something seasonal to finish off, and the Overnight New York blog talks about its discovery of possible the biggest egg in the Big Apple.
This Easter treat is three feet tall and weighs 45 pounds – but I bet it would still be eaten by the end of the holidays in my house.

> Pictured: New York. Home of giant Easter Eggs and giant keyboards.

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  1. Thanks for the mention!

  2. Oh you’ll definitely have to make a plan to come and visit South Africa. It’s well worth while

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