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Forty, twenty-seven, five… it’s an unusual countdown, but it does no harm to have a theme.
And the theme to this week’s top blog posts seems to be numbers.
From forty amazing pictures of Peru, to 27 rules to be a ‘master traveler’ to five fantastic destinations in Taiwan.
Here are my favourite travel blog posts from the last week….

40 images of Peru we can’t stop looking at

Peru is a beautiful country and my trip to Machu Picchu earlier this year certainly provided plenty of photographic opportunities.
But this Matador Network post by Hal Amen shows some truly inspirational images – as well as revealing how much more there is to Peru than simply The Inca Trial and Lake Titicaca.
I was also particularly fascinated to see the ocean scenes from Miraflores in Lima, as when I visited the view offered nothing but clouds.

27 Golden Rules For Not Ruining Your Trip and Becoming a Master Traveler

Love these travel tips from Nomadic Matt – particularly the last one…
My personal favourites from his list: Get lost in places, it’s the best way to see what the locals do. Travel alone; you’ll grow up overnight and learn skills that will last you a lifetime. Be adventurous; if you can’t live a little when you’re travelling, when can you?

Five Offbeat Destinations In Taiwan

Not everything Made In Taiwan comes with a label attached to its plastic bottom – as this wonderful post from Dan and Casey from A Cruising Couple shows.
It’s actually a guest post on the Nomadic Samuel blog, and reveals five fantastic places to go in the east Asian state.

Pictured: The Inca Trail in Peru.
One of our own to go alongside Matador Network’s fantastic forty.

4 Comments to Blog – My favourite travel stories of the week

  1. Pam says:

    Great round-up of fantastic spots to visit in this wide, wonderful world. I especially enjoyed the Taiwan photos as I lived there for two years in the early 60s. Sure has changed!


  2. Ian Rhodes says:

    Thanks. Not actually been to Taiwan myself, but I really liked that post about it. Makes me want to get my travelling shoes back on…

  3. Thanks for including us in your weekly roundup! Glad to hear you enjoyed the post 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing Craig!

    I really enjoyed checking out the other two articles you recommended 🙂

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