Blog – How to survive an airplane crash: Whip Whitaker style

If the itinerary for your next trip includes you boarding a plane at any time then you may be better off avoiding Denzil Washington’s blockbuster ‘Flight’.
The mother of all turbulence, plenty of ‘brace, brace’, a pilot who wakes himself up with cocaine and likes to knock back a vodka or three once on board, and a rather spectacular mechanical failure resulting in a nose dive from several thousand feet.
And that’s before the crash.
But it got me thinking about a book that a ‘kind’ friend bought for me prior to my latest trip: ‘The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Travel’.
This handy compendium includes useful tips on how to ‘survive when lost in the jungle,’ ‘deal with a tarantula’ and, of course, ‘survive an airplane crash’.
Apparently it’s all about wearing trousers made from natural fibres – to avoid flash burns naturally – knowing where your nearest exits are and putting your pillow in the right place.
Personally, I was not massively reassured.
My advice, take a leaf out of the book of Washington’s Captain Whip Whitaker: get a couple of vodkas down you early…

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