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Edinburgh – A marathon trip to Scotland

These days it seems most of my posts are about destinations I’ve visited to run a marathon in – and Edinburgh is no different.

Rotterdam – Don’t put all your clogs in Amsterdam’s basket

Think Holland? Think Amsterdam? Right?

Iași: Romania’s cultural capital

My recent work trip to Iași saw me find a welcoming European city full of culture and pretty architecture.

Visiting Romania’s Iași: Not bad for a work trip…

When work told me I was going to visit Iași my first thought was, ‘I do that every night’.

Blog – Being a superhero in New Orleans

The superhero race in New Orleans raises money and awareness for abused children.

Seville – Side show and slideshow

The beautiful Spanish city of Seville doesn’t often have to play second fiddle to anything.

Amersfoort – An unlikely Dutch delight

The medieval city of Amersfoort may only be found 30 miles from Amsterdam, but you are unlikely to find a greater contrast.

Blog – Why I’m running a marathon in Seville

I suppose it shouldn’t be the world’s greatest surprise, considering how big a part travelling plays in my life generally, but I didn’t always plan to run my first marathon in Seville.

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