December, 2013

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Blog – Ten faces from around the world

As often as not it is the people you see as much as the scenery that provide memories of a particular place.

Kayaköy – Stumbling upon a Turkish ghost town

Spending the day lazing by a swimming pool has never really been my thing. I get itchy feet before my skin has even started to turn the lobster red most Brit sun worshippers spend so much of their time heading towards.

Verona – The city of Romeo and Juliet in pictures

We lay our scene, rather like William Shakespeare, in fair Verona. The city that hosts what is perhaps the Bard’s most famous play, Romeo and Juliet, has far more to offer than simply Juliet’s House and balcony – must see though they are.

Qatar – Dusty, sunny and full of money

If shopping, sand and sports cars are your idea of fun then Qatar might be just up your dust filled road. They are not mine.

Northampton – A very commerical Christmas to you!

Last Thursday, the Coca-Cola Christmas lorry came to Abington Street in Northampton. The truck is the star of the drinks manufacturers’ famous ‘Holidays are Coming’ adverts.

Blog – Where in the World? The answer

Did you get it right? Yes, this week’s Where in the World? came from Dubrovnik in Croatia. The Adriatic beauty is famed for its old town and even includes a pharmacy dating back to 1317.

Blog – Where in the World?

It’s Thursday, and Christmas is just around the corner. So we thought for this week’s Where in the World? poser we’d tease back to sunnier times and sunnier climes for Naked Eye Travel. But where was this picture of a sun soaked market square taken?

Blog – Where in the World? The answer

Rarely visited by tourists from outside Japan, this week’s Where in the World? teaser came from Nakatsu Castle. Well done to anyone who got the right answer.

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